Python Django Tutorial: Create A Web Application Masterclass


In this lecture we are going to go in to the details of creating a dynamic web application from scratch using python and django. Django is one of the most popular python web frameworks. Well known popular websites include instagram, disqus, quora, youtube, pinterest and spotify. Full stack web development skills are highly sought after in the industry and in this course you will end front-to-back end development skills that are crucial in modern applications. I will be covering all the skills step-by-step, starting with project planning, server set up and installation of development environment, django skills, python skills, web development skills and much more. At the end of this lecture you will have your own working web application if you follow along, all the detailed steps outlined. Each concept is explained in great details from the beginning to end.

What You will Learn?

  • Object oriented programming (OOP) and how we use it to build complex data structures
  • Linux Virtual Private Server (VPS) set up
  • Download python, django, set up python virtual environment
  • Django basics - views, routes, templates, PostresSQL database
  • User registration process - create registration, login, logout, forgot password
  • Send emails from Django web application using python
  • Web scrapping with python, including PDF document scrapping
  • Create a python twitter bot, send automated tweets using python
  • How to deploy a Django application on Digital Ocean


  • Basic python knowledge


  • Web app developemnt
  • Linus VPS development
  • Python Programming
  • Python Django Web Framework
  • User authentication systems, Create system emails
  • Python web scrapping, PDF scrapping and parsing

Tutor: Bertha Kgokong

Software Programmer And Tech Entrepreneur

Software Programmer and Tech Entrepreneur, i have extensive experience in Software Development - end-to-end in most platforms, Business Processes and Entrepreneurship. I am a fully qualified Engineer, with a Bachelors Degree and Masters in Business Administration - with over 17 years of professional experience. I am also an entrepreneur with a couple of award winning ventures and projects in Software Development.