Know the basics about Covid-19

Know the basics about Covid-19

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Course Description

In this fantastic course about covid-19 you will learn the following: -What is corona virus? -How and where did corona virus originate? -What are the signs and symptoms of corona virus? -What is the treatment for corona virus? -Who is at high risk of getting infected with corona virus? -How to wear a mask and wear personal protective equipment. -Hand hygiene demonstration using an alcohol based hand sanitiser. -How to prevent corona virus and protect yourself, loved ones and the public. -Where to test for for corona virus.

What you will learn

Learning Points, key take-aways

  • The origin of corona virus
  • Wearing a protective mask
  • Hand hygiene demonstration
  • Corona virus signs and symptoms
  • Corona virus diagnosis
  • Corona virus prevention

Course Pre-requisites

  • No prerequisites needed

Course Skills

  • Knowledge about covid-19


Section-1: Covid 19

Section-2: Covid-19

Section-3: Covid-19

About Instructor

Diana  Kgokong

Diana Kgokong

Professional Physiotherapist

Dee is a professional Physiotherapist with over 7 years of working experience. Dee has an undergraduate degree in Physio and Masters in Sports Physio from the University of Cape Town.