WooCommerce đź’°eCommerceđź’° Beginner Tutorial 2020 South Africa

WooCommerce đź’°eCommerceđź’° Beginner Tutorial 2020 South Africa

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Course Description

In this Lecture Series we are going to learn about WooCommerce Ecommerce. I am going to teach you how to develop your own eCommerce Store that sells just one product from scratch. If you follow along the lecture, you will have your own eCommerce Store for less that R100. All you need to pay for is a hosting package for a Wordpress website from any hosting provider. All the plugins and systems we use in the lecture are FREE. This course is ideal for beginners, eCommerce Business people and agencies who develop eCommerce websites for clients. We show you how easy it is to develop your own store and start making money online.

What you will learn

Learning Points, key take-aways

  • How to navigate suppliers to get the right one for your store
  • Developing a Wordpress Website
  • Creating a Wordpress Page with Elementor
  • Selecting a template from Envato Template kits for Landing Page
  • Installing WooCommerce plugin
  • Adding your products to WooCommerce and keyword search
  • Sourcing content from the internet for your website
  • Building the eCommerce Store, pricing, shipping, payout set-up
  • Editing wordpress website in Elementor
  • Testing your store with he first order

Course Pre-requisites

  • You need a hosting package and domain already
  • Basic Wordpress development, do FREE our wordpress course

Course Skills

  • Develop Professional eCommerce Websites
  • Develop WooCommerce Store


Section-1: Set up Wordpress

In this lecture we start by setting up our wordpress environment, we change from the default theme to an Ecommerce friendly theme. We also go through the required plugins for your website and install them one by one. We use Envato Elements to set up a web-template we will use for our landing page.

Section-2: What to sell

In this lecture we explore the product we will be selling, we go through the suppliers that offer this product and discuss strategies on how to decide on the suppliers and what to do once you get the right supplier for your product. We discuss the place where you should go get these products as an alternative to dropshipping, where you will get faster deliveries and manage own stock.

Section-3: Product pages and content

In this lecture we discuss strategies for the product page and how to quickly get content for your product page online using the keywords. We discuss getting images for your product page, video content you can embed or even upload yourself - how to get the product video from your supplier and much more.

Section-4: Final set-up

In this lecture we complete the final set-up for our eCommerce store, we go through the set-up wizard and complete the steps on the wizard. We discuss how to set up shipping, taxes and payout method for the store. We change our store currency from USD to our local currency. We complete the series by finalising the look and feel of our landing page.

About Instructor

Bertha  Kgokong

Bertha Kgokong

Software Programmer and Tech Entrepreneur

Software Programmer and Tech Entrepreneur, i have extensive experience in Software Development - end-to-end in most platforms, Business Processes and Entrepreneurship. I am a fully qualified Engineer, with a Bachelors Degree and Masters in Business Administration - with over 17 years of professional experience. I am also an entrepreneur with a couple of award winning ventures and projects in Software Development.