Wordpress Masterclass Full Course with On-Page SEO

Wordpress Masterclass Full Course with On-Page SEO

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Course Description

This is the complete Wordpress Masterclass Course. We go in to very fine detail on every step of the Wordpress web development process, from choosing a hosting provider to complete on-page SEO for your website. We do SEO and web-development in parallel as an integrated approach to ensure that you build a website that is fully Search Engine Ready. This course is designed for beginners, but contains tips and guides used by professionals in professional web development. This course is also designed for you to be able to follow along as we progress, it is fully practical and easy to follow. At the end of the course, you would have developed your own professional website in Wordpress that has on-page SEO.

What you will learn

Learning Points, key take-aways

  • How to select domain hosting packages and compare prices with specifications
  • How to install a Wordpress website on c-Panel
  • How to find a good Wordpress theme and install
  • How to install a full pre-build website template, speed up development time
  • How to install Wordpress plugins
  • The on-page SEO checklist, how to do on-page SEO
  • How to do keyword planning for the website
  • How to use YOAST SEO plugin to assist you with on-page SEO
  • How to optimise images for websites
  • Integrating Google webmaster services, Search Engine Console

Course Pre-requisites

  • None

Course Skills

  • Create own Wordpress Website
  • Complete on-page SEO for websites
  • Google services: Search Engine Console, Page Speed Insights


Section-1: Wordpress Installation

In this lecture we start with the basics of selecting a hosting provider. We look at our recommended hosting provider and compare the hosting packages they offer. We install our Wordpress website on the selected package and do a quick navigation on the admin-panel for Wordpress to show you what you can expect and how to navigate the admin panel.

We install our Wordpress theme, deleting the default theme that comes with the website - we look for fast efficient Wordpress themes to use for our website. We look for themes that load quickly - in this lecture we show you how to check for Website loading speed using Google page speed insights. It is crucial to understand the loading speed of your Website - even from a fresh installation point of view.

We go through the website Plugins, show you how to install plugins in Wordpress. I also take you through the plugin list to show what the crucial Wordpress plugins are, from security point of view to SEO assistance. We go through our website template, free demo website to see what it comes with and all the extra pages we will need. I show you a list of typical website pages you need for most business websites.

Section-2: Web Development

On Page SEO integration with web development. In this lecture we go through an on-page SEO checklist, go through all the different elements you need to cover when doing on-page SEO. I will show you where you can find this checklist for future reference, but all the steps are shown in the video.

In this lecture we dig deeper in to the applications of key-word planning for web development. We use the Google key word planner tool to search through potential keywords to decide with key-words are appropriate for out course. We will go through the definition of what is a key-word and why you need to do key-word planning before starting to work on the on-page SEO or building your website content.

In this lecture we dive in to using Yoast SEO plugin for on-page SEO. We learn the different elements to look for when doing on-page SEO and using the Yoast plugin to check your score and improve your on page SEO. Yoast plugin can be useful in assisting developers to remember all SEO items on a page, as it shows a score and all the things that contribute to the score, so you can fix them and improve on your score.

Section-3: Web Development Cont

In this lecture we continue with the YOAST SEO plugin, but now introduce image optimisation. All images need to be to be optimised for web before used on your website to reduce image size, get image dimensions right and image compression. Image size can affect page size and affect loading speeds, and this is a crucial part of improving ranking with google. We show you how to get the image size right, the right way.

In this lecture we edit the default website template we installed to start including our own content. We go through how to edit website content using the elementor website builder. We also look at how you can check to make sure that your theme is mobile friendly, optimised for mobile loading.

In this lecture we continue editing our website template using Elementor website builder. We show how to do more on-page SEO when editing the actual website page, how to include keywords in the website - where to include them etc.

In this lecture we continue with web design process, but start looking at other things that need to be done off-page. We go through the process of creating a Google Search Engine console account for your website. We show you how to get your sitemap from Wordpress and submit it to google, to speed up the website indexing process for a new website. We also discuss all the off-page elements you are required to do to boost your google ranking.

About Instructor

Bertha  Kgokong

Bertha Kgokong

Software Programmer and Tech Entrepreneur

Software Programmer and Tech Entrepreneur, i have extensive experience in Software Development - end-to-end in most platforms, Business Processes and Entrepreneurship. I am a fully qualified Engineer, with a Bachelors Degree and Masters in Business Administration - with over 17 years of professional experience. I am also an entrepreneur with a couple of award winning ventures and projects in Software Development.