eCommerce Website Tutorials | Learn eCommerce Website Development

eCommerce Website Tutorials | Learn eCommerce Website Development

eCommerce Website Tutorials

Get Started with eCommerce Website Tutorials

You can have a look at our eCommerce Website Tutorials to get started with learning eCommerce development.

Our courses are complete, from A-Z with a step-by-step video guidance through the course content. The videos are designed to allow you to follo along and do everything that the instructor does. Courses are designed to help you develop your skills, with each course covering the development of an entire eCommerce website from start to end.

Here is a list of some of the most popular eCommerce Website Tutorials we have:

  • Create ECommerce Store Google & Facebook Shopping
    Create ECommerce Store Google & Facebook Shopping

    This course is intermediate, and focusses on creating an ecommerce website specifically with Wordpress CMS from scratch. WooCommerce is built on top of Wordpress, so we do recommend that you do the initial course on how to create and host your own website first before you start building an eCommerce Website. We teach you everything you need to know about eCommerce website development from scratch. This course is geared towards beginners, so we cover step-by-step "how to".
    This course has a lot of additional benefits that other typical eCommerce courses do not cover, we discuss marketing tools and platforms that you can intergrate in to your eCommerce website for free such as Google Shopping, Google Merchant Center and Facebook Shopping, Facebook Commerce. These are top skills in the industry that clients pay a lot of money for, and you can learn all of this for an affordable price at Skolo.

  • šŸ˜Create ECommercešŸ’µ WooCommerce Store Sell Stuff
    šŸ˜Create ECommercešŸ’µ WooCommerce Store Sell Stuff

    This is a beginner eCommerce course, aimed at teaching you the basics of eCommerce development. You will learn about setting up the eCommerce Wordpress WooCommerce plugin from scratch. In this course, you will also learn about sourcing products for your store from Aliexpress and how to write a perfect product page for SEO.

  • WooCommerce šŸ’°ECommercešŸ’° Beginner Tutorial 2020 South Africa
    WooCommerce šŸ’°ECommercešŸ’° Beginner Tutorial 2020 South Africa

    This is a beginner eCommerce course that focuses on creating an eCommerce store for just one product. In this course you will learn about building an eCommerce store on Wordpress using the Elementor plugin, selecting a good template kit for your store and creating all the pages you need. You will also learn about sourcing products from Alibaba and buying in bulk to keep local stock for your eCommerce store. This is a full packed course, with all the basics of eCommerce store development covered from pricing, product sourcing, shipping, payments set-up and much more.

Our unique selling points

Intergrated Learning - Skills Based Teaching

As a result of our skills based teaching approach, we do not teach you individual lessons that would be covered in entire chapters of textbooks like traditional learning. We focus on the skill and then work backwards to the learning points required to cover that skill. For example, with eCommerce development, you need to understand how to build the product pages perfectly for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and how to intergrate marketing plugins for your website. We do not then teach the entire SEO course, or omit teaching you SEO because this is an eCommerce course - we pluck the specific SEO skill you need, which in this case is "on page SEO" and just teach you how to apply that for creating an optimised product page.

The same principle applies to Digital Marketing, this is not a digital marketing course, and we are not teaching you to be digital marketers, but we are teaching you just the marketing skills you need to set up a Google Merchant account that is synced with your ecommerce store. We are results focused and when you finish the course, you are able to build a fully functional professional eCommerce store, that is probably better than most web agencies will produce, that do not follow the intergrated approach in web-development.

In real-life one Development company might have four different departments working on one eCommerce website: (1) Front end developers, (2) Back end developers, (3) SEO specialists and (4) Digital Marketers. This is why they are so expensive, they are ineficient in the structure - learning the intergrated approach will not only speed up your personal development, but it will help you deliver better results to your future clients by offering them a streamlined product at a more affordable price.
An entrepreneur might just want a quick website to sell few items, instead of hiring a team of developers a quick streamlined intergrated approach would be sufficient for what he/she wants to achieve and that is what we teach you on Skolo.

How to monetise your skills?

We are going to be teaching you very important skills that you can immediately start to monetise and make money building your own small business or freelancing gig. We do not waste time discussing qualifications and certifications, we teach your real life skills that you can immediately start to monetize and charge clients for your services.

  • Start a Freelancing Business

    Once you learn how to build Wordpress Websites, you can immediately start charging people and create a Freelancing gig online. You can create an online account on websites like Fiverr - and start building up your portfolio. Online freelancing jobs are generally, low paying - but are a good place for beginners to start gaining experience and building a portfolio. The best way to learn, is to practice. You will become a better website developer, the more websites you create. When you have a big enough portfolio, you can then start applying for professional jobs that pay a higher salaries. However many developers are opting for Freelancing in the long run, because of the flexibility it allows. In Frellancing, you can also increase your prices as you grow and build an online reputation and the business can be veru profitable if you become a top rated developer on the platform.

  • Build a Blog Online

    Blogging is one of the businesses that anyone can get in to, because you can create a blog about any topic and you will find a market for it. Therefore choose a topic you are most passionate about, and start writting. You will have the skills to create your own Blog Website. Once you have created the website, all your efforts will be on growing the traffic so you can start monetising it.
    When your traffic grows, you can start charging people for features on your blog, sign up for google adverts and shart getting paid to display google ads and finally charge companies for advertising space directly. If you are blogging about pets, you can charge pet stores and pet food companies to display their video or image advert on your website. Companies are moving away from traditional advertising in to digital advertising, because that is where the audience is and it is an open market where anyone can participate.

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