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We have produced some of the best Free Online Courses for beginners and professionals alike.

Here is a list of some of the most popular Free Online Courses we have:

  • Google Adwords for Beginners
    Google Adwords for Beginners

    This is a FREE ONLINE COURSE offered by Skolo. In this course you will learn how to create a basic ad on Google Ads. The course takes you through the process of creating a new advert from begining to end. The course does focus on search ads, but once you go through it - you can adapt what you have learned to explore other ad types from Google.

  • Sell💵 Products Online With Free Google Website😍
    Sell💵 Products Online With Free Google Website😍

    In this course you learn how to create a Google My Business profile, and leverage the SEO benefits and search console benefits of claiming your Google listing. Google automatically creates listings for any indexed website, but the majority of listings are not claimed - therefore not optimised by their owners. This course teaches you how to create a new Google My Business account, and how to leverage that account to get a Free website from Google. The website is delivered and hosted for free by Google.
    Although the website is fairly basic - it does provide everything you need to get started with an online presence for FREE, including selling products online with a commerce type arrangement where you can display the services and products you offer and clients can contact you directly to make a purchase or visit your business.

  • Top 5 FREE Fastest Wordpress Themes 2020 For SEO
    Top 5 FREE Fastest Wordpress Themes 2020 For SEO

    In this course you learn a little about Search Engine Optimisation, by looking at page speed insights results of some of the top rated Wordpress themes. We show you how these themes compare to each other, and how you can then select an ideal theme based on its speed design. In Wordpress, themes form the foundations of any website and if you want to build a website for SEO, you have to start with the right theme.

Why should you start online learning with Skolo?

  • Skills based learning

    Skolo follows the skills based learning approach. We are not theory oriented, nor do we follow the traditional classroom learning approach. We focus all our courses on specific skills. For example, we migh choose the skill "create and host a wordpress website" - We will teach you from A-Z everything you need to know, to host and create your own Wordpress website. We will even show you how to do it, in our video based content. We will create and host this website, as we teach you. At the end of the course, you will have gained that skill and be able to start building and hosting your own websites.
    We will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know and ONLY everything you need to know, nothing else. As a result, our courses are efficient and targetted. You can literally select a skill from what we have available and learn that skill.

  • Convenient Learning, Learn anytime and Anywhere

    With our short Free Online Courses, you can learn from anywhere at any time. We do not have learning schedules, deadlines, cut-off times or managed learning. All our courses are available online in video format, to be consumed at any time that suits you, at your own pace. We give you the content, you decide how to use it.

  • Lifetime Access to Online Material

    Once you enroll in a course, you will be given lifetime access. You can access the course content and material from anywhere in the world, forever. All our courses are stored securely in the cloud for your convenience. You can re-do any course, or just revisit a section to remind yourself of a concept or detail at any time. You can also just store the courses to complete at a later stage when you have the time, there are no limits to course access. We also do not require memberships, paid monthly, annually or in any interval. All our courses are priced with a one-time access fee forever.

  • We are affordable

    Our purchased courses are a fraction in cost to formal learning alternatives. This is because we leverage our economies of scale, efficiency and digital platform to deliver targeted course content, teaching you just what you need to know to learn that skill. We do not waste your time with assignments, certificates, tests or qualifications. We teach you what you need to know, to get the job done.

Will short online courses replace universities?

Probably not in the near future, the correct answer is somewhere in between. There are certain professions and industries where online education is worth more than a university qualification. Here are some industries we cover in our online courses.

ICT - Information Communications Technology

In the world of ICT and Software Development specifically, online learning courses are ahead of traditional learning institutions. This is because the industry evolves so quickly that traditional institutions cannot keep up. There are new technologies like Blockchain, Internet of Things and Drone Technology that is evolving everyday. The skills for these technologies are sought after in the market, but very few people offer them.

Digital Marketing

This is also another developing industry where the skills are new and not covered in full at Univiersity. Learning how to leverage social media to grow your brand, or create effective Google and Facebook marketing campaigns are skills that are marketeable and rare. You can immediately start generating income by selling these skills to businesses.

Search Engine Skills

Google search engine skills are constantly evolving, universities and formal institutions cannot keep up if they tried. The algorithm and laws are in constant flux. For example, few years ago you could rank high just based on the number of back-links you had, Google just counted the total. These days things like page loading speed and mobile optimisation is much more important, in addition - you need high quality links, not quantity. As a digital consultant or business person - you must update your skills almost monthly just to keep with all the changes.

How to monetise your skills?

We are going to be teaching you very important skills that you can immediately start to monetise and make money building your own small business or freelancing gig. We do not waste time discussing qualifications and certifications, we teach your real life skills that you can immediately start to monetize and charge clients for your services.

  • Start a Freelancing Business

    Once you learn how to build Wordpress Websites, you can immediately start charging people and create a Freelancing gig online. You can create an online account on websites like Fiverr - and start building up your portfolio. Online freelancing jobs are generally, low paying - but are a good place for beginners to start gaining experience and building a portfolio. The best way to learn, is to practice. You will become a better website developer, the more websites you create. When you have a big enough portfolio, you can then start applying for professional jobs that pay a higher salaries. However many developers are opting for Freelancing in the long run, because of the flexibility it allows. In Frellancing, you can also increase your prices as you grow and build an online reputation and the business can be veru profitable if you become a top rated developer on the platform.

  • Build a Blog Online

    Blogging is one of the businesses that anyone can get in to, because you can create a blog about any topic and you will find a market for it. Therefore choose a topic you are most passionate about, and start writting. You will have the skills to create your own Blog Website. Once you have created the website, all your efforts will be on growing the traffic so you can start monetising it.
    When your traffic grows, you can start charging people for features on your blog, sign up for google adverts and shart getting paid to display google ads and finally charge companies for advertising space directly. If you are blogging about pets, you can charge pet stores and pet food companies to display their video or image advert on your website. Companies are moving away from traditional advertising in to digital advertising, because that is where the audience is and it is an open market where anyone can participate.

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