# Get Started

web development, python development, linux programming and blockchain development are the main topics covered within skolo online courses and therefore this documentation guide.

# Skolo Online Resources

Our courses are covered in detail on our website here Skolo Online Free and Paid Courses (opens new window)

  1. Youtube In addition we have a youtube channel, with free content to help you on your learning journey here Skolo Online Youtube Channel (opens new window)

  2. Medium Our Skolo Online Medium page has a written description of major topics of interest, code snipets and explanations for some of our courses. Skolo Online Medium (opens new window)

  3. Github Finally you can also find our github page, where we have code avalilabe for select projects. We believe that it is best to learn by doing and not copying code, but occasionally we make code available in: Skolo Online Github (opens new window) and Skolo Online Gist (opens new window)

# Social Media

  1. Facebook Facebook (opens new window)

  2. Instagam Instagram (opens new window)

  3. Twitter Twitter (opens new window)